Using her five-step FOCUS methodology, Amanda Heal will help you and your team overcome uncertainty and build resilience. She will use her unique insight into facing and overcoming challenges as a totally blind professional, to show you how to transform from being fearful, confused and stuck, to being people who are in control, and who take courageous steps towards a clear vision.

Focussing on the possibilities rather than the challenges only by taking your eyes off your biggest obstacles can you then see the huge possibilities waiting for you just around the corner. Fix your eyes on the prize, not the problems.  

Optimise your goals Breaking your goals down into clear, manageable steps builds your courage so you can achieve much greater outcomes. Optimised goals lead to outstanding outcomes.  

Connect with conviction Only by regularly checking in with your team and committing to your vision can you build consistency of action, performance AND results. Conviction brings commitment and consistency.  

Upgrade your courage just like exercising a muscle, in tough times you have to keep working on your courage to keep it strong. Upgrade your courage for unbelievable results.  

Seeing success It's no good just "feeling brave, you have to put that courage to work and take bold actions every single day. Success is courage put into action.  

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