Amanda is a woman with an extraordinary life story. Audiences love the lessons of character building and courage which she shares in her keynote talks. These are lessons that everyone needs, to achieve greater success.  

Amanda survived being prematurely born in the 70’s when most early premature babies were not deemed viable. At birth she was roughly the same size and weight as a half full bottle of wine. Amanda needed oxygen to help her breathe for many weeks after her birth. While this oxygen saved her life, it caused damage to her eyes, resulting in total blindness. From then on, Amanda has continued to surprise people with her professional and personal achievements, including graduating with honours in Law from the Australian National University, and climbing to an altitude of over 10,000ft in Nepal.          

After a surprise redundancy from her 17-year legal career, Amanda sold skincare products in a network marketing business, retrained as a John C Maxwell speaker, trainer and coach, and started a podcast. Along the way Amanda discovered that her life’s purpose is to inspire and encourage others to reach their full potential. She has since written two books on the subject, the latest being Seeing By Vision Not By Sight: How To Discover Your Life’s Purpose And Put It Into Action, and now shares her message of courage, and purpose with audiences across the globe.  

Amanda has made a number of television appearances, including appearing on ABC News (Australia), 60 Minutes Australia, and The Midday Show. She has also done quite a number of radio and podcast interviews.             

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