What Are My Options When I Lose My Job?

Moving from Corporate to Business

I remember the day I found out I may lose my job. I had to face this question when, in the week before Christmas, 2013, I found that I had not been successful in applying for the job that I had held for the past 7 years. Merry Christmas!

So, my remaining options were to accept a voluntary redundancy (VR), or wait out the 3 month redeployment period to see if a job could be found for me. The first option terrified me, as I felt that a Government job was my safest option, and besides, what would I do?

The second option also terrified me, as there was a job freeze on, and
opportunities to move between jobs came up rarely and had many applicants.

Just after Christmas, I was invited to a friend’s business launch. It was fun, and best of all, it got me thinking seriously about what I would do. As I listened to the presentation at the business launch, I began to wonder if Government employment was my only real option. Perhaps it wasn’t. Perhaps there were other viable options out there. It was as if someone had thrown me a lifeline.

So, off to google I went, and started researching the business my friend had started. When I got back to work, I immediately called my financial adviser and a career counsellor for appointments. I also enrolled in an online course on how to start a home-based business, in which I learnt a great deal, about all the different types of businesses, and their advantages, disadvantages and risks. I also did an enormous amount of research into many different types of businesses to see if they would suit my temperament and skills.

To cut a long story short, I decided to accept a VR and start the same type of business as my friend had. The startup costs for this business were lower than most, and so were the risks. The relief I felt once I had made the decision was amazing!

So, if you find yourself in a similar position to the one I described above, don’t just look at the obvious options – look outside the box.

This is your chance to continue doing what you’re doing, or to decide to change direction, and do something completely different.

Start by thinking about the things you love, and what makes you happy. Does your current job, or something similar, really make you happy? Does it make you feel fulfilled? If the answer is a resounding yes, then you only have to choose between redeployment and taking a VR and applying for a similar job later.

If the answer to any of these questions is no, think hard about what you would like to do. Have you ever dreamt about doing something different?

Firstly, take an inventory of your skills. What are you really good at? Then think back to what makes you happy, and what you love to do. You might like to engage a career counsellor or coach, like me, to help you do these things.

Next, do as much research as you can into different types of jobs that interest you. If you can, talk to people who do those jobs to find out what they are really like. Consider whether you will need retraining, or whether there will be any other startup costs.

This is your chance to find, and follow, your dreams. Make the most of it!

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