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Top Tips On Updating Your LinkedIn Profile


  • This should be a current, professional headshot, if possible.


  • This is very important, as employers won’t read any further if they don’t like your summary;
  • The summary should be concise but should give a good overview of you;
  • LinkedIn doesn’t allow for formatting of headings or bullet points, but you can use asterisks, grater than signs or other symbols at the beginning of headings, or to make bullet points stand out;
  • Include links to relevant videos and documents that demonstrate your achievements.

Employment history

  • as with a resume, employment history should be in reverse chronological order;
  • Include relevant skills developed during each job, and include a maximum of 3 achievements for each job;
  • An achievement is not something you are being paid to do e.g. meeting a target;
  • Use verbs;
  • include any awards received, significant projects, any voluntary work you’ve undertaken, and anything you’ve published in the appropriate sections of your profile.


  • This should be in chronological order;
  • Remember to include TAFE courses, industry related training and in-house courses;
  • If you have obtained any certificate qualifications, include these in the certificates section of your profile;
  • if you are fluent in more than one language, include the additional languages in the appropriate section of your LinkedIn profile.

Skills and endorsements

  • There is debate as to the value of these, as LinkedIn can recommend that your connections endorse you for particular skills;
  • You can invite your connections to endorse you for particular skills, and you can choose whether to accept endorsements from your connections.


  • You can ask your connections to write recommendations for you;
  • If you don’t like a recommendation, you can ask the person who wrote it to amend it, or you can choose not to make it visible on your profile.

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