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Top Tips for Greater Productivity

Time management: * As time is fixed and energy isn’t, managing energy is far more effective than managing time; * we are at our most creative when we are most relaxed; * Most adults need 6–10 hours of sleep per night. Productivity tip: Manage your energy rather than your time. Multitasking: * We don’t multitask, […]

Top Tips On Updating Your LinkedIn Profile

Photo This should be a current, professional headshot, if possible. Summary This is very important, as employers won’t read any further if they don’t like your summary; The summary should be concise but should give a good overview of you; LinkedIn doesn’t allow for formatting of headings or bullet points, but you can use asterisks, […]

Top tips for updating your resume

These are the things you should pay particular attention to when updating your Resume. Contact details Career objective/career overview Career history this should be in reverse chronological order; don’t go beyond 10 years, or the last 3 jobs; You can include a sentence about other previous employment, that further details can be provided on request. […]

5 Things You Never Knew About Leadership

This is the first in a series of podcasts that I’m calling from Management to Leadership. Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less. Leadership is not dependent on whether you: hold a title or position; are a manager; are an entrepreneur; are highly intelligent and knowledgeable; are a pioneer or trend setter. Your potential can […]