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Top Tips for Coping With Redundancy

In my previous podcast, , I started to tell you about what happened to me when I found out that I may be made redundant. In this podcast, I will share with you how I coped with my redundancy, and what I found to be the best sources of help and advice Join your union. […]

Coping with redundancy And Job Loss

When the Commonwealth Public Service job cuts started in late 2013, I used to laugh when people would ask me if I was worried about redundancy. “of course not,” I would say, “the government will always need legislative drafters. And besides, I’m blind, a woman., and a union delegate. They wouldn’t dare!” I couldn’t have […]

How I dealt with being bullied at work

Bullying at work is defined as “repeated, unreasonable behaviours, where the behaviours create a risk to health and safety”. Bullying can include such behaviours as: Abusive, insulting, or offensive language; unjustified criticism or complaints; and setting unreasonable timelines or constantly changing deadlines. http://beyondbullying.com.au Have you ever been bullied at work or anywhere else? Are you […]

What do you need?

After working with an awesome coach, Regina green http://makingfaithmoves.com, I’ve realised that I’m not just a career transition coach. I do more than that. I inspire, encourage and empower people to find what they’d love to do and gain the courage to do it, whether that be in their career or any other area of […]